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Community Ophthalmology

Community Ophthalmology department of Retina Speciality Hospital Indore is involved in community based activities like comprehensive primary eye care services, camps, school vision screening, low vision rehabilitation, training and capacity building, community awareness and mobilization apart from academic activities. As a part of routine outreach eye care services, Retina Speciality Hospital Indore also runs 2 peripheral centers. These provides ophthalmic eye care services at reasonable and affordable rate to all segment of society irrespective of society, caste, age, financial background etc etc. Retina Speciality Hospital Indore has 28-bedded ward facility and under which community patient also gets treatment. Outreach services also include screening of diabetic retinopathy in the underserved populations. Currently, there are three dedicated community teams, which are working since 2012. Total community team consists of 50+ supporting staff includes ophthalmologists, optometrists, field investigator, health workers, drivers and data managers etc.

Community ophthalmology is currently running INDORE DIABETIC RETINOPATHY PROJECT and also working with government projects like DBCS (District Blindness Control Society), Ayushman Bharat Scheme Yogna for the needy peoples. 

Retina Speciality Hospital also started a Public Trust which is named “Retina Seva Trust”. This Retina Seva Trust is funded by Retina Speciality Hospital and all charity and community work of Retina Speciality Hospital is done through this trust.

Community Ophthalmology department of Retina Speciality Hospital Indore has dedicated teams that provide primary eye care services to poor and vulnerable communities at identified locations all over Indore and nearby districts. These centers have been identified in collaboration with the local state government and with the various collaborative NGOs, GPs, Local Optometrists to ensure maximum benefit to the communities. The department conducts comprehensive eye camps under the Reach-In-Program in areas around Indore. Patients that can be managed with these centers / camps are provided medicines and refraction services on the spot. Patients requiring cataract, retina and other surgeriers are transported to Retina Speciality Hospital Indore and get admitted and operated free of charge. Special arrangements are made at Retina Speciality Hospital Indore, to support the management of patients requiring management under various ophthalmic sub-specialties. Under Low Vision Rehabilitation services organized by the department, people with visual disability are being provided with low vision aids and visual rehabilitation services in the form of counseling, mobility & orientation training, activities of daily living training and advice for environmental and lighting modification etc. Community based rehabilitation is also run through networking system with various groups, local leader, social workers, NGOs and local optometrist.

Total work done under Community Ophthalmology Department at Retina Speciality Hospital Indore in last 5 years, is as under –

# To conduct any camp or to do any community related work, without any hesitation, you can please contact to undersign. If you need any help or assistant in Retina Speciality Hospital Indore for any reason, then also you can contact to undersign

Dr Gautam Patidar
Medical Superintendent
Retina Speciality Hospital Indore
Phone :- 0731 4036366, 4036377, 4003398, 2553377, 8878812555

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